Elliptical Outdoor Shower - Zu dreiviertel mit Holz umschlossene Außendusche, abgerundete Steine als Untergrund auch für die Gartenduschen von www.Wellness-Stock.de bestens geeignet

showers This link provides photos to many other outdoor shower designs/ concepts. I love outdoor showers, because they suit living in the tropics. They give a sense of being 'spoilt', so definately add to your backyard retreat.

Wie Können Sie eine Veranda bauen - Anleitung und praktische Tipps

I absolutely love this idea. Use rocks to separate the grass from the deck, then bury rope lights in the rocks for lighting. Awesome for front yard @ DIY Home Design by SAburns

Geniale Idee! Bewegliches Holzdeck verdeckt sicher den Pool

Sliding deck to cover pool when not in use. This will keep out algae-causing sunlight as well as insulate water.

Sommer kann kommen ...

Not looking at the shape because that is hard to shoot (or interesting) but more the bamboo look Garden Shower- pinning this on Products I Love with irony. Invaded by bamboo - need to find crafts to use those long sturdy stalks.