I've seen water drop photos before, and humming bird photos, but both combined is doubly awesome.

Baby Pig painting original watercolor nursery art by 4WitsEnd, via Etsy

Baby Pig painting original watercolor nursery Farm animal art

Gallery - The eye-catching best of fluid dynamics - Image 1 - New Scientist

In this flow visualization, wingtip vortices from an aircraft have been simulated using an apparatus with a couple of flaps that snap together like a book closing. Dye is pooled on the “ground” below.

Vortex | « Le Don de Raoul » il est question d’ouverture d’un « vortex ...

Vortex Water Flow image by Paul Groom Photography - Bristol Photographer, UK.

Fluid Dynamics Liquid jewels

Rebecca Ing Photography, "Viscous Liquid Sheet Atomisation - Fluid Fishbones", Two liquid jets of sugar syrup at a low rate of flow (left) and high rate of flow (right), 2011

mesmerizing high speed photography (5)

High Speed Photography by Lex Augusteijn. Lex Augusteijn is an amateur Dutch photographer specialising in high-speed photography.


The rise of digital technology has expanded the range of visual art to unimaginable levels in recent years. Without ultra-sensitive photography, the mind-blowing organic forms of Corrie White's liquid drop art would be impossible.

Where to go on a surfing adventure

I am in San Fransisco for the next months and would like to get surfing lesson from a pro surfer. If you're a pro surfer a

mesmerizing high speed photography (6)

It is incredible what can make a human mind and camera together. It could be an amazing creation. One of these human mind and camera creations are slow motion pictures. Look below 29 amazing slow motion photography.