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Never neglect your hallway, it sends you on your way and welcomes you home.

Made for busy exits and warm welcomes - a long narrow hallway with a white shoe cabinet with space for 12 pairs of shoes, a black hat and coat stand and a white stool.

@swishandthrift Küche mit weißen Fliesen, weißen Fronten und Highlights aus Holz,   Küche, Einrichtung, Küchenzubehör, Kitchen,

If you live in a little apartment or a small home, chances are high that you have that dreaded real estate term: the "galley kitchen." Named after the narrow kitchens on ships, these rooms may be tigh

TV bench diy. 4 Leca 15 x 25 x 50cm 6 board 14,8 x 3,6cm x Desired length of the TV bench.  White paint the Leca bricks. Wood stain paint on the boards.

TV benk 4 stk Leca 6 bord x ønsket lengde på TV benken…