Fotowand selber machen: Ideen für eine kreative Wandgestaltung

hipster way of displaying your family photo is done easily with wooden planks, clips and couple of wires. Go rustic by hanging your washed-out or black and white pictures on a semi-clothesline.


Floating Flower Tip - Most flowers float pretty well on their own until they start to pool with water and slowly sink. For a longer lasting centerpiece, use bubble wrap to make little skirts for your flowers.

Eine Heizkörperverkleidung bauen - Die Heizkörperverkleidung befestigen

Wood Profits - Comment fabriquer un cache radiateur ? Discover How You Can Start A Woodworking Business From Home Easily in 7 Days With NO Capital Needed!

Smillas Wohngefühl: DIY: geschickt eingefädelt = Frühlingsdeko!

DIY: geschickt eingefädelt = Frühlingsdeko!

easy wall decorations

Easy Art Block DIY~ cover cuts of wood or canvas with scrapbook paper for decorative wall art - great idea!