Adorable!!! Free pattern.

Ravelry: Hippie Jacket pattern by Abbel Wagner - if you use english pattern, check pic and numbers in original german pattern.

Projects from Knit a Monster Nursery

Knitting patterns, but I think you could figure out a crotchet method or use old sweaters and shirts to make these little guys for kiddos. Thanks Amy! Knit a Monster Nursery - Practical and Playful Knitted Baby Patterns By Rebecca Danger

DIY eBook - einfarbige Freundschaftsbändchen knüpfen - diese monochromen Armbändchen sind eigentlich genauso easy wie ihr bunten Verwandten die man früher so geknüpft hat, sehen aber in einer Farbe doch einfach ein bisschen erwachsener aus... :)


Freudschaftsbändchen waren total im Trend als ich klein war, Wolfgang Petri…


Skimmer T-strap Ballet Flats pattern by Tangelo. Slippers your girls will actually wear.


Mary Maxim - Free Chain Stitch Scarf Knit Pattern - Free Patterns - Patterns Books by crazysad

Teppich weben mit Holahoop

25 At-Home Science Experiments

Rainy Day Kid Craft - create a rug using a Hoola Hoop and old shirts. Fun project to do at the Farmer's Market

Häkelanleitung Hausbooties mit 2 Tragevarianten Gr. 36 - 43

Crochet pattern housebooties 2 in Size - 10 UK, Size 5 - 12 US, Size 36 - 43 Ger

Dicke Häkelschals von Punkelmunkel

Do it yourself also known as DIY is the method of building modifying or repairing something without the aid of experts or professionals