Adorable!!! Free pattern.

Ravelry: Hippie Jacket pattern by Abbel Wagner - if you use english pattern, check pic and numbers in original german pattern.

Projects from Knit a Monster Nursery

Knitting patterns, but I think you could figure out a crotchet method or use old sweaters and shirts to make these little guys for kiddos. Thanks Amy! Knit a Monster Nursery - Practical and Playful Knitted Baby Patterns By Rebecca Danger

DIY eBook - einfarbige Freundschaftsbändchen knüpfen - diese monochromen Armbändchen sind eigentlich genauso easy wie ihr bunten Verwandten die man früher so geknüpft hat, sehen aber in einer Farbe doch einfach ein bisschen erwachsener aus... :)


Freudschaftsbändchen waren total im Trend als ich klein war, Wolfgang Petri…

<input+type="hidden"+value=""+data-frizzlyPostContainer=""+data-frizzlyPostUrl=""+data-frizzlyPostTitle="How+to+DIY+Easy+Arm-Knitted+Scarf"+data-frizzlyHoverContainer=""><p>It+is+always nice+to+be+able+to+knit+something+with+your+own+hands+and+without+using+any+knitting+needles.+Your+hands are+probably+the+simplest+and+most+readily+available+knitting+tools+you+can+find.+Here's+an+amazing+DIY+tutorial to+show+you…</p>

How to DIY Easy Arm-Knitted Scarf

Recently I featured a DIY project to make a stylish finger-knitted rainbow scarf and it was very popular. It is always nice to be able to knit something with your own hands which are the simplest tools and without using knitting needles.


Skimmer T-strap Ballet Flats pattern by Tangelo. Slippers your girls will actually wear.

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