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Description Isabella of Aragon
117-Year-Old Color Postcards Reveal Everyday Life in Tunisia at the Turn of the Century - My Modern Met
This view of Tunis was published in 1560, to illustrate the conquest of Tunis by a christian fleet under the command of Emperor Charles V. [1946 × 1500]
Antique tile made at Kallal el Kadine in Nabeul Tunisia in the early 20th Century with a Moorish design. During the 1920's building boom in California a high quality and reliable source of large quant
The Story of Bayad and Riyad  Qissat Bayad wa Riyad   Andalusian
Historic Map of Tunis
The Ottoman Army Marching On The City Of Tunis In 1569
Africa - Tunisia Roger Broders, Tunis, 1920 Vintage Travel Poster
PLM - Tunis la blanche - à 36 heures de marseille par mer, à 6 heures d'Antibes par avion - 1920's -