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Mit solchem Verpackungsdesign werden auch ganz gewöhnliche Produkte unwiderstehlich. Gutes Verpackungsdesign ist für den Erfolg von Produkten mindestens die halbe Miete – manchmal sogar die ganze. Das gilt zumindest für dieses Glühbirnen-Packaging aus Weißrussland. Natürlich ist es nichts neues, dass Fenster im Packaging mit illustrativen Elementen auf witzige Weise verbunden werden, aber hier ist das...

CS — is the largest electrical company in Belarus, which supplies the market with more than 5000 items.CS company’s branding and packaging has been inspired by the old physics books which are diagrams of electrical circuits and illustration of scientific&

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This limited-edition gin could pass for a high-end perfume bottle or a deadly elixir—neither of which should ever be imbibed—and yet we find ourselves craving a sip. The hand-crafted, tinted bottles combine the shine of gloss, glitter of gold, and the ric


Dieter Rams is an industrial designer closely associated with the consumer products company Braun and the Functionalist school of industrial design. His unobtrusive approach and belief in “less but better” design generated a timeless quality.

Naked Beer – freizügiges Verpackungsdesign von Timur Salikhov

Naked Premium Beer Packaging - If a company has pride in its products then surely an honest exposure of them is a clever merchandizing strategy. Naked Premium Beer packaging tell.