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 invented by US Army Colonel Isaac Newton Lewis. Production: 1913 to In use: 1914 through Manufactured by the Birmingham Small Arms Company. (England) This weapon was highly regarded by the Belgium and British mili Ww2 Weapons, Military Weapons, Light Machine Gun, Machine Guns, Mg34, Fire Powers, Cool Guns, Guns And Ammo, Firearms

3d model lewis-gun

Lewis-Gun 3D Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital 3D models for visualization, films, television, and games.

The British Lewis-gun. I believe it was the standard issue LMG of the British Military and/or the Navy. Regardless, this LMG played a major role in the great war and Revolver, Rifles, Mg34, Ww2 Weapons, War Machine, Machine Guns, Vash, Cool Guns, Military Weapons


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Did you know our old site used to make artillery? A picture from the Sterling Engineering Company, Dagenham, handbook for the "Sub-Machine Gun, Mk 4 (SMG Survival Weapons, Weapons Guns, Military Weapons, Guns And Ammo, Battle Rifle, Submachine Gun, Fire Powers, Hunting Rifles, Assault Rifle

Sterling Sub Machine Gun

A picture from the Sterling Engineering Company, Dagenham, handbook for the "Sub-Machine Gun, 9mm, Mk 4 (SMG 9mm L2A3)". A much maligned weapon for genuine reasons, but I liked it; never got issued with a bayonet for it though!

Vickers MG water cooled machine gun. British and Commonwealth Infantry Weapons via GameFront Forums War Machine, Machine Guns, Mg34, Assault Weapon, Submachine Gun, Fire Powers, Hunting Guns, Military Weapons, Firearms

Vickers Mk.I - Modern Firearms

Vickers Mk.I machinegun, loaded and ready to fire. Vickers Mk.I machine gun. Vickers Mk.I machine gunof WW2-era production, with ribbed water jacket and no muzzle booster. Caliber .303 British (7.7x57R) Weight 18.1 kg gun body + 4.1 kg water + 23 kg tripod Length 1155 mm Barrel length 723 mm Feed belt, 250 rounds Rate...