Power Drill Scrubber

Clean In Half The Time With This Power Scrubbing Hack

Power Drill Scrubber I don't know who the responsible party is for coming up with this; but they're an absolute genius!

Die Tür ist einmalig und schafft einzigartigen Fabrikcharme

Mogeen hair salon, Amsterdam store design, Loving the concrete floor and the steel and glass sliding doors. like an industrial kinda thing


Window pane glass walls- makes for a clean and neat look while creating a sense of transparency. For home office

Hängeschränke für den Flur aus Ikea-Küchenschränken

DIY Furniture: 8 Favorite IKEA "Fauxdenza" Tutorials - These IKEA cabinets get a boost from the thick natural, semi-rough milled cherry wood piece that sits flush with the cabinets- for sideboard

Doppeltür mit Glas - perfekt für die Trennung vom Wohn- zum Esszimmer

study doors and dining room French doors stained, and living room pocket doors and transom painted.

Innenraumtüren - Schiebetüren - Glastüren - modern - klassisch - stylisch

Innenraumtüren - Schiebetüren - Glastüren - modern - klassisch - stylisch