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crafts How to make a Christmas tree napkins? Christmas Tree Napkins: Turn a green napkin into a lovely Christmas craft with this linen-folding how-to.

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How to make a Christmas Ribbon Wreath.these are the BEST DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas! (How To Make Christmas Ribbon)

sewn paper star garland

Christmas is almost here friends! And its time for some awesome holiday projects right? Why don& we start with Christmas STARS! After what& Christmas without the legendary stars! There are lot of DIY star decoration ideas which you can try&

Cotton Ball Christmas Window. String cotton balls onto fishing line. Click for more directions.

In my spare time.Thread cotton balls to make fake snow -- great for a Christmas party! Thread cotton balls on to invisible string and put drop of glue to hold!

Frozen Party Decor - 15 Best DIY Ideas to Winterize Your Home for Christmas…

how to make giant bubbles

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Türkranz, 12cmx 1,40cm / 3 schläuche nähen und zusammenflechten, Enden vernähen

What a GORGEOUS braided wreath! I think I can DIY that by stuffing some cheap holiday socks or sewn fabric tubes

Für ca. 30 Nusskugeln brauchen Sie: - 150 g Margarine - 2 EL Honig - 50 g Puderzucker - 1 EL Milch - 250 g Mehl - 1 gestrichener TL Backpulver - 1 Prise Salz - 100 g gehackte Pecannüsse - 1 EL Puderzucker

Plätzchen Rezepte: 4 himmlische Weihnachtsleckereien zum Nachbacken

Für ca. 30 Nusskugeln brauchen Sie: - 150 g Margarine - 2 EL Honig - 50 g Puderzu