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three white candles with tags on them sitting on a wooden table next to other items
a birthday card with the number twenty two in german
Adventskalender Leporello für Klasse 3/4
the scissors are next to some tags with pictures on them and red string hanging from them
Last Minute DIY Geschenkidee: Das ist das Haus vom Nikolaus – süße Überraschung
two christmas gift tags with a snowman and a candle on them, both in german
a christmas tree next to a snow globe with words written in german on the side
Winter & Weihnachtsmaterial
the german language poster for children's activities, including numbers and pictures to help them learn
24 Wichtelbriefe für die Wartezeit bis Weihnachten
the german language worksheet for christmas
a clipboard with the words weihnachtspiee zum ausdruckn on it
5 Weihnachtsspiele für Jung und Alt kostenlos zum Ausdrucken
three white candles in boxes with red hearts on them next to scissors and eucalyptus leaves
Kerzen bestempeln mit schneller Verpackung - Anleitung
three wooden birdhouses with rope hanging from them on a white wood floor, one is empty