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a hand holding a tiny green creature with a banana in it's palm,
a woman wearing a necklace with a blue and white swirl design on the front of it
a necklace with a colorful swirl design on it
Swirl Pendant
a necklace with a blue and yellow swirl design on it's end is sitting on a white surface
a necklace with an image of a wave in blue and orange colors on it, hanging from a black cord
a green and white swirl glass pendant on a black cord
Lausers schmucke Teilchen - Seite 10
three snails with googly eyes sitting next to each other
NightSculptor - Etsy
a hand holding a tiny toy frog on top of a green leaf with it's mouth open
a miniature bird nest with blue eggs and a sign that says wagon cars on it
someone is holding a miniature book with tiny red shoes on it's legs and the cover has been made out of chocolate
a hand holding a tiny glass jar with a green snake in it
a hand is holding a small piece of clay with a face on it and green eyes