Upcycled Jagermeister bottle tiki torch by PineknobsAndCrickets, $18.00

Upcycled Jagermeister bottle tiki torch yard and patio decor. I would use cobalt blue bottles.

Zombie Brain Hemorrhage! For the recipe, visit us here: www.TipsyBartender.com

The Zombie Brain Hemorrhage is an undead beverage that may have you screaming for more. Not only does it have a pretty slick name, it also looks amazing and packs a deadly punch to the liver. Drink the brain and gain its power!

Salz- & -Pepper Shaker-Jägermeister Witzige Idee zum Einzug                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

Salt & Pepper shakers- Jagermeister

These are a set of salt and pepper shakers, the bottles are glass. Items will come empty.

Jägermeister Bouquet

Jagermeister Bouquet :) Happy Birthday to me! some one anyone the best gift ever :)

Jägermeister Flaschen Sammlung

Jägermeister Flaschen Sammlung



Toaster Jägermeister Shop

I found your toast Leong