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Infographic | HIT trends to keep your eye on - Industry View from CDW Healthcare

CDW Healthcare 2012 HIT Trends: keeping up with MU and the exploding mHealth space, establishing tough security measures, greening your IT infrastructure

#HIMSS14 State of Interoperability #Infographic via

Infographic: Health Data Interoperability in the United States - Corepoint Health

Walk-in closet More

Small walk in closet ideas and organizer design to inspire you. diy walk in closet ideas, walk in closet dimensions, closet organization ideas.

Ode to a Node: Have a heart, and have no fear, The SA node is over here. Beating at a constant rate, 60-100 is really great. The AV node can make a show If SA node has gone too slow. 40-60 is not too bad, If it’s all you’ve got, you will be glad. Should the whole thing drop its speed, His and bundle branches will take the lead. And that, my friend is the whole and part, Of the conduction system of your heart. Pitiful and Corney, to say the least. Taken from the book

Ah, so this visually helps me with the concept of PQRST in the heart (.not the mnemonic for Pain Assessment lol)-def will help for my test coming up in physiology!

Electrolytes Imbalance Cheat Sheet

As a nurse you are expected to know about electrolytes, their normal levels, and what effect they have on the body if they fall outside of their usual range. Here are a few key electrolytes you’ll want to memorize!

{UPDATED} 8 Drugs Every ICU Nurse Needs to Know!

8 important drugs every ICU nurse needs to know about including their nursing implications, what to monitor, what to teach the patient.