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This is suppose to be a "the world doesnt make sense" thing. but i thought gingers were called ginger because of ginger bread. and that strawberry blonde was pinkish blonde? ive never called a blonde a strawberry.

That last comment

OMG, Benedict and Tom are BFFs. And to hear one of them say it directly. I think my fangirl heart just exploded. (And my imagination is now running away with the idea of them having sleepovers.)<<Oh my gods this cannot be a safe thing

Sherlock Loki Crossover!!!! Looove this!!! I don't know wether to put this on my Hiddleston or Cumberbatch board... Idea!

Another awesome Sherlock and Loki crossover.I dont even watch Sherlock and Im absolutly in love!

I didn't know whether to put this in my Hiddlestoned or Benny Batch... so we shall pin twice. lol

Sherloki and Hiddlebatch. I'm pinning this soley for the phrase "made of unicorn smiles and butterfly milk" Obviously, I could have named my board 'Hiddlebatch' but I didn't, purely for the sass of Sherloki. Love it!

Lol Guardians!

Chris Pratt, when told about fanfiction, immediately jumps to the idea of a fictional threesome with Chris Evans and RDJ. I love Chris Pratt


No, I'm not *really* a Johnlock shipper. But I do love all the jokes/hints/implications/tension/etc.<--- that means you ship johnlock