SPORTALM Dirndl kurz mit Seiden-Schürze | LODENFREY **I love the colour. I love the ribbon. I love the layers on the skirt and embroidery of the chest. I do not like the square neckline.

Satin bow matches satin trim at the bottom of the skirt Sportalm Dirndl

schmittundschäfer Dirndl Roses brown

schmittundschäfer Dirndl Roses brown (like the smooth dress against the highly decorated apron)

With the #Oktoberfest only 2 days away, here are some tips for buying and wearing a #Dirndl

With the Oktoberfest only two days away, Dirndl stores in Munich are packed! The people inside are not all tourists coming to visit Munich for the Wiesn, but many of them are locals unable to resis.

Couture Oktoberfest Dirndl by Lola Paltinger. Stunning creations full of luxury.

Lola Paltinger is one of the most famous fashion designers of Oktoberfest Dirndl. Have a look at her stunning creations.