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Vermont Dead Line: STEAMPUNK Gadgets and Devices

This fascinating subculture was visited only once by Vermont DeadLine in my previous post entitled "And Now For Steampunk Completely Differ.


"There was a guy I liked." "I'm the guy." "You're not the guy." "You call me sweetie all the time." "I call everyone sweetie." "You tramp." -Penny and Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

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Avatar the last airbender - so many strong female characters, and the avatars/maincharacters have been both a boy and a girl

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First and last lines. It's funny that all of their last lines are about Sokka's drawing. I really like Toph's line about Sokka's drawings

Harry Potter World on

The Truth About Snape --- Noticed it the first time I saw the movie and I've pointed this out every time I've seen the movies since because yes. He is so badass.

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What we can learn from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" characters. There's so much more to learn from each one of them, but this is a good start. :) I love this show because of everything you can learn from the characters