How to BOW, Making a small bow using a fork. For slightly larger bow, use a large serving fork.heck, I may try to find a pitch fork so all my bows will be perfect instead of wonky!

I like this. Not so complicated, and it's colorful.

Previous pinner said, "Gebastelt: Zwergenkreis Regenbogen Pastell" - To me, this is an inspiration.

weihnachtsgeschenke selber machen

Weihnachtsgeschenke selber machen - Bastelideen fürs frohe Fest

I am completely in love with this gorgeous mobile and the softness and glamour it will add to your babys nursery room. All my mobiles are hand

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Diy Stamped Clay Bowls.


You can find my other diy's using air dry clay here. This time I used it to make some diy stamped clay bowls, they're the perfect thing to keep on your bedside table and store all your trinkets in.

Endlich wieder Durchschlafen! Die 7 besten Pflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer

Endlich wieder Durchschlafen! 7 luftreinigende Pflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer

Endlich wieder Durchschlafen! Die 7 besten Pflanzen fürs Schlafzimmer

wunderschön-gemacht: weihnachtsmarktkollektion 2012

beautifully-made: christmas market 2012 collection

Keramikschale, kleine Keramik-Schale, Teller weiß und Pfirsich, Andenken, Schmuckstück Gericht, Ring-Catcher. handgemacht in Irland von karoArt on Etsy, 23,00 €

ceramic bowl, small pottery bowl, white and peach, keepsake dish, trinket dish…