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Tattooed Pin-Up Princesses - 'Inked 08' by Adrian Katzianka Features an Badass 50's Pin Up Girl (GALLERY)

Kira I know that I wasn't to open about the idea of u having dreads BUT. This girl is beautiful and I seriously love the dreadlocks! I could totally see u with em! I'm team dread for kira :)

This could turn into an awesome tattoo Would be beautiful going down the side - breast to hip.

Example of Henna for inspiration. The Namaste henna is outdated and needs to be brought up to another level of sophistication and complexity.

fuckyeahtattoos:  Jellyfish by Daniel Meyer via LEITBILD

Daniel Meyer from Kassel, Germany is a tattoo artist that could have been a student of Andrey Svetov when you look at his beautiful work. Daniel Meyer from Kassel.