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The Fault in Your Stars - Percy Jackson - Hunger Games - Divergent - ? - The Maze Runner - The Mortal Instruments - Harry Potter

My Fandom Is Matched, The A In Fandom And I Just Wanna Say, OMG SOMEONE FINALLY RECOGNIZES MY FANDOM!

If these Fandoms United, we would basically rule the world, cuz I mean think about it, who doesn’t love at least one of these fandoms?

Fandoms, they are oh so many

BEAUTIFUL (although I wish the twilight apple wasn't there, as it was a rather terrible book in my opinion) <<<< I've been afraid to read it because of all the negative things. I still feel like I shouldn't judge until I read though.


Date yourself. Take yourself out to eat. Don't share your popcorn at the movies with anyone. Stroll around an art museum alone. Fall in love with canvases. Fall in love with yourself.then you'll be able to truly love someone else. Love who you are