Top 29 Collection Of #Random #Funny #Quotes That Go Viral This Year

Top 29 Collection Of That Go Viral This Year, Minions, citat. Home: Where I can look ugly and enjoy it, haha

every morning!!!

25 Things You Can Relate To

This makes me laugh so hard. That's exactly how my husband looks in the mornings.

awesome student. I only wish I was this creative. The closest I came was putting 'Jesus is always the answer' on a math quiz.

A+ for Creativity: 10 Students Who Failed Gloriously with Ridiculous Test Answers

A+ in Creativity. The real funny thing is the grammar in the test questions. A+ in Creativity The real funny thing is the grammar test questions

First pet...hahaha  I can't stop laughing at this.

Password creation 101 🐶 You can name her whatever you like but be sure it's something you can remember. You'll be using it as a security question answer for the rest of your life.

"Thanks, Mom!"

"Why am I running away."

This makes me laugh because not too long ago I received a note like this from my son Jake. Instead it said,"Thank you Mom for paying for my tuition and making sure we have food. You just have to love them!

Wenn Männer kochen

Uwe Shopinweb on

Wie man einen Schokokuss tatsächlich nennt - Win Bild - Webfail

Eer je dát hebt uitgesproken is hij al op.


That hat makes you look like a girl, Spongebob. One of my favorite SpongeBob quotes.

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