Pom pom drop activity for toddlers is great for developing fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect. Simple and fun. Use toilet paper tubes. - Laughing Kids Learn

Pom pom drop activity for toddlers

Pom pom drop activity for toddlers. Great for fine motor skills and developing cause and effect. So easy to set up so start collecting your cardboard paper tubes.


{{will do this with my daycare babies sometime soon-ish}}Spider's Web discovery basket. A Super Fun sensory activity which also builds dexterity and problem solving skills. LOVE this idea!

Sound marble run

Sound marble run - we used a good finished pine 1 x 8 x 2 and they worked great - the nails make a nice tinkle with different size marbles - Summer Fun for kids at Grams Camp

Edible finger paints with just 2 ingredients! For baby safe sensory play.

Edible Finger Paint Recipe

Easy giant bubbles: Poke a hole in the bottom of a cup, dip & blow

See who can view the biggest/most bubbles in 1 min. Blow HUGE bubbles - poke a hole in the bottom of a paper cup, or cut off the bottom of a water bottle.

10 tolle DIY Aktivitäten für Kleinkinder. Tolle Spiele aus Alltagsgegenständen: Rasierschaum-Tüte, Versteckspiel, Gitarre aus einer Kastenform.

Die 10 kreativsten DIY Aktivitäten für 1-2 Jährige

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