Die üblichen Kosmetiktaschen gibt es im Netz wie Sand am Meer, deshalb haben wir diese aufklappbare Kosmetiktasche mit integrierten Pinselfach entwickelt.

DIY traveling makeup bag with brush holder. Instead of a clasp, I would use an actual button because I've noticed that things with clasps tend to pull or tear the fabric after several uses.

Crafty Ribbons | Day 11 - Table Tags

Candy Cane Tags - make 2 slits with a craft knife in brown paper tags, draw a bit of faux stitching around the outside and add candy cane and some ribbon!

Sternekissen, Stern Kissen nähen

Coussins étoiles d'après le DIY en lien sur le site / Tuto / DIY / star pillows from mamas kram - Sternekissen. With link to step-by-step photo and written tutorial for alphabet pillows. Same process, but with piping.

Reibe übrig? Kaffeekanne? Schneebesen? Dann los!

Aus einer Reibe eine Lampe basteln? Klar! 5 geniale DIY-Upcycling-Ideen für ausrangierten Küchenkram

DIY Farmhouse Style Decor Ideas - Enamel Mug Decor And Organizer - Rustic Ideas for Furniture, Paint Colors, Farm House Decoration for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom…


DIY pen holder for your journal or Bible. Would be nice in a solid dark grey and gold stitching.