The lovely and unassuming GN Apartment in Spain was designed by Barcelona-based firm Francesc Rifé Studio. In lieu of dividing walls, GN Apartment .

between the kitchen and diningroom. And between master bedroom and bathroom.

Fascinating Fireplaces Modern Design Room Divider Eco House Interior, love this one the right place for the fire place and the best view ever!

KK XL Cushion from by KlipKlap. Perfect floor cushion for cozy nights at home in the living room.

The Ergo Focus suspended fireplace from [Oblica](|target="_blank") is the focal point in the rear extension's living room.: [object Object]

Gallery – Annick and Stephen’s serene terrace extension

The Ergofocus suspended fireplace from Focus is the focal point in the rear extension's living room

madamerenoir: “axel verwoordt ”

{Revisiting this iconic Axel Vervoordt project (third time) for today’s TBT. The wabi sabi philosophy guided the design of the penthouse in The Greenwich Hotel, creating a space that is somehow humble.

kamin-hängend-sehr-schön-zimmer mit sehr hoher decke

Whether you are a hi-tech adoptee or just eager to give your guests a stunning effect, suspended fireplaces will take care of the necessary impression. You can make a fireplace that hangs from the …