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Bounty hunter project inspired in one of the most famous and bad ass characters ever

Bounty Hunter Project

Bounty hunter project inspired in one of the most famous and bad ass characters ever

Ship art Cool site I thought some might like for inspiration. sample

Armada 2 - Focus Home Interactive

THE NEW REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME ADAPTED FROM GAMES WORKSHOP'S FAMOUS TABLETOP GAMEExpanding on the groundwork laid out by the first game, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is a full-blown sequel -...

Teroch-class Mandalorian Cruiser, Ansel Hsiao

Commissioned piece. Mandalorian capital ship, 399m. Prequel/Original Trilogy era, roughly speaking. 4k source renders at:

RedSkull's Page

Darth Vader and the Emperor of the Galactic Empire and Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious. by Darren Tan

Diary of a Sith Chick

I for one don’t want Carrie Fisher replaced in Episode IX #theresonlyoneprincessleia By Edouard Groult #starwars #sith #theempire #thedarkside #darthvader #lordvader #princessleia #leiaorgana...

Coriolis - An inspirational RPG dump

23513 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Paklet P12 Cruiser: Poser,DAZ,OBJ,3DS,MAX 3D Models skynet3020

This is a very highly detailed science fiction ship model(Poser, DAZ, OBJ, 3DS, and MAX), designed to look approximately 5km in length. It's an aggressive-looking ship with many turrets along its hull - the largest 13 are rigged so that they can be aimed. The detail level is sufficient for close-up shots and flybys. * The mesh makes efficient use of polygons, delivering extreme detail with reasonable polygon counts: MAX/OBJ/3DS: 1192893 polygons with 1779808 vertices DAZ/P

The Chiss Republic

The Chiss Republic A Chiss Male, in Naval Uniform, and Zes'asaoth'ushu, a prominent Chiss Female Socialite. The Chiss Republic Form of Government: Federal Directorial Republic

Imperial Star Destroyer by AdamKop on DeviantArt

Digging through my old files again, this one is an ISD that dates back to 2014. Per commissioner's request, the nose is split with hangars located on th... Imperial Star Destroyer


And the second one from the RIDE phase of the ILM Art Department ChallengeThat was fun.

Ship art

1 hour ago, 2P51 said: Like this? No much bigger and grey. The work is a lot like what fractalsponge puts out with his ships.