Wanne Murmeln Wasser?

MARBLE TOES - This is a great racing game. Fill up containers with water and marbles and have kids sit next to them and see how many marbles they can pick up with just their toes in 1 minute.

Bewegung für drinnen | Kinder werfen üben | zielen Farben | Spiel Kindergarten

Bean Bag Toss using construction paper and bean bags. Helps kids with color matching and gross motor movements. Could also use different color baskets.

Wurfspiel einfach gemacht mithilfe einer Leiter

Link doesn't work, but fun game. Belltower / The ladder game Contestants must land a bean bag in every rung to win a prize.

Schnelle Deko zum Sommerfest oder für jede Party

soccer crochet

10+ Pool Noodle Crafts

Pool Noodle Games - this looks like fun and noodles probably just fit over a tent peg in the groud. Great for gross motor skills (eye-foot coordination!

Riesenseifenblase - ein Rezept für optimales Seifenblasenwasser:

500 ml Wasser 250 g Zucker (erhitzen, in Wasser auflösen) 250 g Spülmittel 20 ml Glyzerin