Das ist doch mal eine gute Idee bei wenig Platz aber möglichst viel Pflanzen.

For my herb garden. This one doesn't show you how to do it but looks like a good project to start! It's also great for a tiny patio or yard. Looks like the pots might be too small though. so, build frame bigger according to pot size preferred.

Will try this, since my pots never seem to work!!

DIY upside-down tomato planter, with milk jug, chopstick & water bottle! Isn't this a nifty idea ?

Pflanzenvermehrung wie durch Zauberei - gärtnern mit Kindern - www.urban-growing.net

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Sublime jardinière en palette...

The pallet planters is our latest ideas in diy pallet ideas to bring your backyard or front yard a new creative look. Discover others diy pallet ideas here

Sublime jardinière en palette...

This sympathetic DIY pallet kitchen garden for herbs was shown at the Milan Design Week, the instructions to build it are included, Eco Design by Con Legno, Photo by Milou Ke