Diy turning a plain tank top to something really cute by adding lace to the sides.

31 T-Shirt DIYs That Are Perfect For Summer

DIY turning a tight tank top into a loose fitting shirt by adding lace to the sides.Could sew curtain lace ove top of tank top.

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln - gratis DIY Anleitung und Schnittmuster

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln

sewing a cloud

Revoluz Zzionary Cute Clouds For Your Flower Bouquet

A nice little project to create an unusual Easter decoration (very simple - for beginners) . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a bouquet in under 15 minutes by decorating and sewing with fabric, felt, and thread. Inspired by clouds.

ModelistA: A4 - NÚM 0006 VESTIDO Deep V bodycon dress with Open Back


Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

White Maxi Dress / White Kaftan / Asymmetric Plus Size Dress / Oversize Loose Dress / This elegant, sophisticated, loose and comfortable

decoration idea (great way to save a stained shirt!!)

Embroidered star / Cazadora de inspiración © Anna Tykhonova Idea: Outline a shape with a basted stitch, put a bunch of small ornaments in the shape, then remove outline.

Cation Designs: Beautiful dress patterns! Many other nice patterns to  DIY too!...this is a lovely blogger and great info be sure to stop pinning :) and take a look :)

Soft, aqua satin shimmers under an overdress of fine vintage floral hand-made lace. -layer beades of pearls on top-brandi