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OMG hahahahaha! that's funny man

I love this.except him getting hurt.but its still funny:)<<<<<He got hurt l! That's what makes it funny!<<is that Michael Clifford?

the funniest joke I've ever seen #pin4jim

Funny pictures about What went wrong Billy Ray? Oh, and cool pics about What went wrong Billy Ray? Also, What went wrong Billy Ray?

A useless talent, but I have it~ XD

Whoa they spelled stuff correctly. o_o <<< The thing says: Like if you can read this withought any -.- because you are just that smart.

thisslloser|| ☹☽ ☻

Write the first person who popped into your brain: Michael<<< Vic<<<I was thinking Gerard Way and Ashton Irwin.those were the first two haha <<< luke