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Hannah Schreiber
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Best Quotes From NBC's Hannibal - iHorror

Hannibal - In an interview Mads Mikkelsen said that satan himself was his inspiration for the role and made clear that he wanted no one to feel any empathy for this character.

Reasons to love Sheriff Jody Mills 10x08 Hibbing 911

Reasons to love Sheriff Jody Mills Hibbing I was so scared in the last two episodes of 12 that they were gonna kill Jody off I went all Molly Wealsey and was like "NOT JODY YOU BITCHES!

Bist du auch Stress geplagt? Dann könnte diese Yoga-Übungsreihe dir helfen. Mit diesen Yogaübungen beruhigst du deinen Körper und befreist dich von unnötigem Stress...

When you're stressed, it's not fun for anyone. But you know what is fun? Some simple yoga poses that can help you get centered, alleviate stress, and just generally calm you down.