yay - a rifle for christmas!

Nothing says Merry Christmas and Hope for a New Year of Peace and Love . like a rifle, oh, a Daisy Rifle.

i’m not sure about that ad. it’s funny though, but really stupid as well. i’m not sure, if it won’t backfire on peta. lots of comments and votes on youtube already.

The latest PETA ad, featuring a woman with an injured neck because her boyfriend turned vegan and now he can ‘bring it like a tantric porn star’ has received a lot of criticism online.

i'm not sure if this is fake, but it's great.

Oh, these ut worst than that, this vintage advertisement encourages smoking, boasting that because more doctors smoke Camel cigarettes, then they must be good for your health!intage Ads That Should Have Been Banned - Likes

hahaha - so great...

This is crazy! Old time ad actually encouraging women to gain weight to look good in a bathing suit. Oh how the times change!