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Hannah Schulte
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Jeder Künstler hat seine eigene Art zu Zeichen . Jedes Bild erzählt seine eigene Geschichte

(Open Rp) wjy am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body, she was my only bit of joy.

You are not alone!!! by DeluCat on DeviantArt

Me: *hugz Bloody Painter* Bloody Paiter: *hugz back* Masky: HUGZ! *tackles us* Me and Bloody Painter: *laughing* HUGZ!

It's the fact that I have an insane crush on a fictional character who is mentally insane and kills people that worries me..,

~Part 2 of 'Jeff the Killer x Reader - My Little Lamb' as requested by It's been about a year now since Jeff kidnapped me and brought me. Jeff the Killer x Shy! Reader - Sleep Little Lamb