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styletaboo: “ CTO Lighting - Nimbus Chandelier [brass and handmade glass] ”

Oversized Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle by IndustrialLightworks

One of a kind designed exclusively by Industrial Lightworks Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Chandelier. This wine bottle chandelier is handmade (Bottle Lights)

Lampe aus Sektflaschen – Anleitung zum Nachbauen

Lampe aus Sektflaschen - Anleitung zum Nachbauen

Luminaire design

When pictures inspired me #36

Designer Roberto Paoli has created a lighting system called Multiball for manufacturer Modo Luce-someday house?

POTT Sponge Oh: Aus Keramik / Made of ceramics #lamp #leuchte #Keramik #ceramics #design

Design Lighting Ideas : A Warm Glow Slips Through The Porous Skin Of These Ceramic Lampshades

Fuse pendant lights by Note Design studio for Ex.t. Nordic lighting in grey tones. www.parka-architecture.com

Fuse Pendant Lamp by Note Design Studio Soft porcelain accentuated by a wooden pendant holder that together emulate a warm glow.

diy lampen und leuchten led lampen orientalische lampen lampe mit bewegungsmelder designer lampen filigran

Reminiscent of sea glass found in worn shards on the beach, these colored bottle shapes form the brand new JAR RGB lamp designed by Arik Levy. The hanging chandelier gives off a subtle rainbow of beautiful light.