Für später, wenn unser Baum einmal größer ist :)

will help you make a tree bench in your garden and get to use the free space around the trees. So, check out our Garden Tree Benches That Will Impress You.

arbor with cedar posts

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Planter Chair

Aus meinem Garten – Ende September

Galvanized tub flower pot in old chair - beautiful repurposing for the garden.to go with our troughs outside the shop? Squires Squires Squires Squires Kiefer by marjorie

Bepflanzter Stuhl! Wollte ich immer machen, genug alte Stühle warten im Keller auf DIY-Verschönerung.  How to turn a chair into a planter. Cute, simple and free! Four Generations One Roof

Our recycled DIY Planter

I want This for my Front Porch ! :) DIY:: From Chair to Planter ! And with this Excellent Easy Tutorial Can be done in No Time ! by Bryant Bryant Dewey Generations One Roof