Der Moment, wo du einen Menschen davon überzeugen muss bei dir zu bleiben, ist…

The moment you have to convince someone to stay with you is actually the moment you should leave


Fastfood für Redeselige – Visual Statements

Knallvergnügt Leben : Wie liebst du?

Where do children go when they die? Do babies get raptured? If I loss my baby, is he in Heaven? Answers on abortion, miscarriage, death, rapture of children

“Following a brief surge of popularity in Western culture, the swastika from the 1930s became strongly associated with its iconic usage by Nazi Germany, and it has hence become stigmatized and to some extent taboo in the Western world; it has notably been outlawed in Germany if used as a symbol of Nazism.”

Pre-war postcard associating the swastika with patriotism--something scarcely conceivable today.

Knallvergnügt Leben: Wie liebst du?

Knallvergnügt Leben: Wie liebst du?