Schumacher Bernd

Schumacher Bernd

Schumacher Bernd
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Tribal bull tattoo design

A tribal bull that appears to be running while facing downwards. There is a unique tribal symbol at the bottom of the running bull.

I'm not fond of the nose or the stance (because the upward leg is unnatural for bulls period), but if I didn't go for a realistic tat I would want it outlined similarly.

Taurus bull so sexy, strong and perfect in every which way. The good cancels out anything else. So strong and courageous.

Biomechanical Tattoos for Men - Ideas and Inspiration for Guys

Biomechanical tattoos can be considered to be an offshoot of biomechanical art-a contemporary form of art that features mechanical and biological motifs. This type of art was mainly inspired by Ridley Scott’s 1979 'Alien’ movie…