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Dalai Lama: Die schönsten Zitate

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First update of 2014 from our street art world // See more urban art, wall murals & graffiti art from the world's urban street artists on Mr Pilgrim

Hosier Lane Street Art Courtesy of /brianthio/

Meet the Nominees: The T+L 'Modern Wonders of the World' Photo Contest

Street Art by ICY and SOT in Iran | Bio: “ICY (born 1985) & SOT (born 1991) are stencil artists from Tabriz – IRAN. they started their professional career in 2008 they had uploaded previous works as early as 2006 and they influenced and dragged their friends to street art. Their works are about peace, war, Love, hate, hope, despair, children, human rights and the Iranian culture. The two brothers have held numerous exhibitions and un-official street works in Iran and foreign countries.”

This may be my favorite bit of street art I have ever seen. Let me set the context. This is a sign in Iran. Obviously the sign is alluding to the myth of Sisyphus pushing a stone up the hill. the brilliance is the peace symbol.

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See amazing street art, graffiti art, wall murals & great urban art from street artists all over the world including Escif, ROA, Banksy & Obey


Mona Lisa, Street Art by Columbus artist Brian Clemons on the wall of Reality Theatre, 736 North Pearl Street in the Short North.

Scratched walls by Alexandre Farto, a.k.a. Vhils

Scratched walls by Alexandre Farto, aka Vhils