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DIY miniature glowing pillars. Great for DnD.

Pillars are a common feature in many dungeons and ruins, and magical pillars can provide an interesting terrain feature for encounters. I'll show you how with a few supplies from your local craft .

Dwarven Columns - Three types of dwarven columns, inspired in LOTR movies. They give the proper feeling of dwarveness without being too imposing in the table.

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Der Lumos Helm hat integrierte Lichter. -

Biking enthusiasts looking for a new helmet should really check out Lumos, a next-generation water-resistant bicycle helmet that lights up to keep you safe

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Die Moped e-Bike Kreuzung: Das Moke - ebike-news.

Walthers Truck Dump Kit -- HO Scale Model Railroad Building Accessory -- #4058

Truck Dump Kit HO Scale Model Railroad Building Accessory by Walthers

N Scale Woodshop Equipment by Ngineer

N Scale Woodshop Equipment by Ngineer on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Interior Models.