I'm so doing #3 with my kids today!

10 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids


Cheerio necklace - takes 5 minutes to make and keeps your baby entertained while you do grocery shopping and run errands. Ha, only Vivienne is over plain cheerios.

Perfect drawing time... In a box!!

Box Crayons = Zen Activity for Two Year Old *Maybe modify by cutting adding a door! Putting a two-year-old in a box looks questionable ~ Haha!

Flaschendeckel als Los für Gruppenbildung

Bottle Cap SNAKE ☀CQ Been trying to thk of new things to do with all those caps I've collected.

10 hele leuke activiteiten om de zintuigen van baby’s en peuters te prikkelen!

Baby sensory play Wrap cling wrap around a canvas and have the baby smoosh away with their hands and feet. So much fun!

Baby Water Play - Sensory and Motor Play | Pink Oatmeal

Baby Water Play - Sensory and Motor Play

Damit könnt ihr tolla Rhythmen klappern, wie die Kinder in Afrika, die den Rhythmus im Blut haben!

Damit könnt ihr tolle Rhythmen klappern - wie z. die Kinder in Afrika.

Die 10 kreativsten DIY Aktivitäten für 1-2 Jährige

Die 10 kreativsten DIY Aktivitäten für 1-2 Jährige


{{will do this with my daycare babies sometime soon-ish}}Spider's Web discovery basket. A Super Fun sensory activity which also builds dexterity and problem solving skills. LOVE this idea!

Jeu de billes

This DIY marble maze is simply a-MAZE-ing! It's the perfect game to keep your preschooler occupied!