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25 Amazing iOS App Icons

Here is a list of 25 apps for inspiration and fresh ideas for you. That are well-designed and worth their purchase from their exceptional design skills and

iOS App Icon Process | Basketball

Even though this icon is simple it still is bold. The texture of the bumps and the rounded feature makes you want to grab the ball right off the screen. It looks so realistic and that you forget it's an app

BMW Laser Headlights

BMW will be the first car manufacturer to offer laser headlight technology, which it says is 30 percent brighter than LED bulbs.

Tileable Triangle Inset

Tileable Triangle Inset Somebody was asking how to make this shape tileable as they could only make it with an unequal number of loops coming off opposite sides of the tile. This is how I would solve that problem.

Topology reference for a hard edged shape connecting to a rounded shape.

FAQ: How u model dem shapes? Hands-on mini-tuts for mechanical sub-d AKA ADD…