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Es gibt zwar einige kommerzielle Haarpflege-Produkte die versprechen, dass sie das Haarwachstum ankurbeln, aber es gibt auch viele natürliche Mittel, die dein Haar schnell wachsen lassen. Wenn du deine Haarpflege etwas umstellst und deiner ...

How to Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally. Commercial hair care products and treatments may claim to make your hair grow faster, but there are easier and more natural ways to promote quick hair growth at home. The key to help your hair grow.


This is a triple helix a did a while back with tiny little yellow gold balls and a matching bezel CZ center by bvla. I love doing clusters of super small jewelry like this!


If we do get matching piercings, I would like to either get a stud cartilage piercing OR a hoop helix piercing. (Or if we decide not to do matching piercings, I would like to get a third stud hole on my lobe.