Broiderie Perse

A mix of Broderie Perse, paper piecing, and ink.
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a wooden table topped with scissors and paper
Block 26 - Lucy Boston
an old patchwork coat hanging on a clothes rack
Bizzy Martine
a white rug with red, blue and green designs on the border is shown in full view
Andover Fabrics
Historic John Hewson quilt from the Winterthur Museum estimated date of quilt 1780-1810. Hewson, was an early American calico printer best known for panels featuring a a floral bouquet in a footed urn surrounded by butterflies and birds.
a close up of a quilt with flowers on it
Wilwerwitz #4 - DI Ford - Les bricolos du lundi
Di Ford était l'une des invitées du week end à Wilwerwitz, et elle est venue avec une sélection de sa collection de...
a quilted wall hanging with many different designs on it
For Hannah.. (pattern Susan Smith)
a table cloth covered in buttons and other decorative items
I am thoroughly enjoying making this new quilt #rowdyflatlibrary but need to do some other things today! @kachina3
a quilted wall hanging with flowers and bugs on it's sides, in the shape of a circle
Block 3, four corners and another pieced block done. #rowdyflatlibraryquilt #therowdyflatlibraryquilt
an intricately decorated wall hanging with flowers and leaves
Rowdy Flat Library Quilt Block 1 is Finished!
We've had more house problems. In the most recent heavy rain the roof started leaking so getting that addressed has been my priority. We now...Rowdy Flat Library quilt - 1
an old quilt with flowers and leaves on it
Berries In The Sun
Keiko Morihiro's Award-Winning Quilt "Bouquet" -
two birds sitting on top of a white table cloth with colorful flowers and leaves around it
Last Day
Day 5 Our last day was a relaxed affair. I chose to carry on and make progress on my little pink number. It was a mammoth feat to stitch ar...
a woman standing next to a wall with a tapestry hanging on it's side