wine rack!

Reclaimed Bristlecone Pine Wine Rack

Not a wine. Rustic Wine Rack: holes bored through a small log. You need a "hole saw" bit for this, and probably a chisel and some sandpaper.

Interesting in the right place. Cut two coffee tables in half!!!

Marvelous DIY Bookshelves Make a Great Home Decor : Bookshelf Of Vintage Tables - 2 coffee tables = bookcase.

paper cutting artwork

Have always loved printer's trays so would be good to see if I could get my hands on a small one. I love this idea of making small paper cuts to put in the little compartments.

Pallet wine rack

Recycled wine rack

Recycled wine rack - So simple, an old wooden crate or pallet; cut out and rotate middle board with formed holes. Where do I get a bunch of old wooden crates or pallets .

Concrete modular coffee table by Bohemian Stoneworks

Furniture Lovely Concrete Modular Coffee Table By Bohemian Stoneworks Modular Coffee Table With Furniture Good Modular Coffee Tables Enhance Home Designs

Anafor zigon sehpa. Doğal Ceviz, Farklı desenlerde.

Anafor zigon sehpa. Doğal Ceviz, Farklı desenlerde.