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Folding money into a shirt

This money-folding instruction sheet teaches you how to fold a dollar bill into a dress shirt with tie. Great for Missionary Gift!

Hemd aus Geldschein falten, origami shirt

Fold a dollar bill into a Money Origami Shirt with my easy step-by-step instructions. A money shirt makes a cute way to give a cash gift or leave a tip.

Kirstens Stempelkiste: Kleiderschrank als Geldgeschenk

Kirstens Stempelkiste: Kleiderschrank als Geldgeschenk. Wardrobe closet to hold origami shirts- folded paper money and coins in drawers.

Money shirts on a mini clothes line = special money present!

Fee ist mein Name: Pimp my Geldgeschenk - Teil Zwei

Das nenne ich mal ne tolle Idee, um einen Osterkorb selbst zu machen...

love this idea, could cut egg carton piece to fit any basket already on hand DIY Woven Paper Easter Egg Basket and Tray 2 Más