Doily Lamp Tutorial

A lamp made out of doilies! Take a bunch of doilies and sort of papier-mache them to a large balloon. Pop the balloon, run a light through the doily-ball, and BAM. The effect is beautiful.

Awesome idea for things not meant to hang. Genius actually!

Tried & Tested: Hanging Art with Soda Pop Tabs

DIY idea: spray paint a metal trash can and flip over for an instant side table

spray paint trash can, flip, instant side table! I didn't turn it into a table, but I did spray a wire trash can to match the yellow accent in my laundry room. Surprising how much paint it took to spray this, but it was worth it.

very cool...this would be neat to start now & do the opposite direction, too

20 Fathers Day Gift Ideas with Kids

[tps_header] Fathers Day is almost here, get prepared with a personalized and unique gift. Check out the best 20 Fathers Day DIY gift ideas.[/tps_header] Dad’s Own Toolbox DIY source:.

DIY Stars in Jars! Glow paint splattered inside mason jars. I think this would blow a little kid's mind! Also beautiful for a party...

How to: Make Glowing Firefly Jars

Great idea instead of a night light! STARS IN JARS! (Glow paint splattered inside mason jars)So great for a kids room as a night light or even just for a fun spend the night party

Sentimental idea: Upcycle vintage watches, unknown source

Upcycle vintage watches, really love this idea. A picture of mom in her old watch would be perfect! A perfect bracelet for a teenager with a picture of their favorite person or pet.all moms have old watches they haven't thrown away. What a great idea!

this will happen... someday.

Love this! It is a great idea if you have a stairway or long hallway. I have one whole wall of pictures of my family in my livingroom like this above the piano. Dream Home,For the Home,Home Sweet Home,There's No Place

they used an old trampoline, how creative!

Kid trampoline made into hanging bed! Love this idea. Kid trampoline made into hanging bed! Love this idea. Kid trampoline made into hanging bed! Love this idea.

Dark plum smokey eye

know how to do the basic smokey eyes. Just change the color, master the art of blending && eyeliner .now you know the basic smokey eyes.

Colander= cake pop drying stand, genius for anything on a stick.

cake pop drying stand, genius for anything on a stick. Frances Elizabeth - Cool idea for your yummy cake balls :)

diy idea: ladder as pot rack

Sneak Peek: Best of Ladders. "Here is a beautiful solution for storing and displaying extra pots and pans in Camilla Ebdrup and Andreas Stenmann’s Copenhagen kitchen." decorating home design design ideas interior design

Valentines day is coming up..

Photo Strip Heart Banner like this idea using colored photocopies

watering can fountain

Watering Can Waterfall Fountain. Just need an outdoor pump, some tubing, and watering cans. this is the basic idea of filtering water through drums to save