All that glitters is not gold! Almond-Orange Financier. Small enough to please but not burden. Gluten free gadget, free hacks possible - coconut flour, etc, and almond meal, lightly spun in a hot fry pan, will yield same result as food processed whole almonds.

Almond-Orange Financier

Rich and buttery, this French cake is named for its resemblance to a banker's bar of gold. We've added flecks of orange zest to punctuate the classic almond-flavored batter and baked it in a tart pan, rather than in the traditional individual molds.

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Raspberry and Chocolate Financiers


Französische Patisserie leicht gemacht: 4 zuckersüße Financiers Rezepte für zuhause

Pekannuss Financiers

Pekannuss Financiers