funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ…

Komkommertijd (Kindertraktaties)

Christmas tree nibbles - looks like a cracker, cucumber ribbon and cheese cut with a cookie cutter

Schoko-Kaffee-Tannenbäumchen, Glühweintorte:

Schoko-Kaffee-Tannenbäumchen, Glühweintorte - I don't know German, but from what I can make out.these are chocolate, coffee, tree cakes.


A Plätzchen a day keeps the Weihnachtstress away. - Freebie

A Plätzchen a day keeps the Weihnachtsstress away :-) Love Christmas cookies im…

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DIY Christmas Tree Meringues For meringue you will need: 4 egg whites teaspoon salt teaspoon Cream of Tartar 1 cup sugar Green food coloring Sprinkles added right after coming out of oven

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