Fensterbank innen einbauen - 15 Beispiele zum Nachschauen

Book Storage Apartments or Small Spaces - love this bookshelf under the window seat! The window seat would make a great reading nook, too, especially with that lamp on the wall above .

Wandfarbe Mocca - Wände streichen in eine kaffeebraune Farbnuance

Cardel Designs: Spectacular open floor plan with mocha walls and high ceiling with generous recessed . Those mocha walls are everything!

Edition 425 WOHNIDEE-Haus - »Das Familienhaus« - Viebrockhaus

I like this Boy's Room because there are many windows and lamps. Also one has enough space to play, relax and to pack sty away. Furthermore I like that there are some vbut not too many details confirming the decoration.

So ein Kindrzimmer hätte ich auch gerne für meine Jungs. Sehr schöne farben für ein Jungszimmer

Decorating your boy’s room will need a unique design and style. Check out these boys room ideas to inspire you.

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