Chocolate covered strawberries (carrots) for Easter

For future Easter -- strawberries dipped in white chocolate (dyed orange) food coloring to look like carrots

How cool would it be to have a glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt!

Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt. The concept is simple, glow sticks + plastic Easter eggs = Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs!

For Easter...It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside!

Prize Egg--put candy inside a balloon & blow it up. Wrap balloon with glue coated string and let it dry. Pop balloon and you have a prize egg!

Neat way to do eggs!

Make Vibrantly Colored Tea Eggs

boil eggs, crack the shell, then reboil in colored water.these are awesome! I don't reboil I just let them some in food coloring and water. Best if you put a drop right in the middle of the crack in your egg before putting in water!

fill a jar with mini marshmallows, ears from a headband found at the dollar store glued on top of lid, a cotton ball for a tail and a cute tag makes a fun easter favor. SUPER CUTE!

Icing Designs: DIY Easter Bunny Jar (The ears are from a dollar store headband--smart idea!

Beautiful idea! Wheatgrass & a cake stand make for a great easter centerpiece.

Wheatgrass & a cake stand make for a great easter centerpiece. Great use of a cake stand and no calories!

Halloween- That's creepy!

Halloween? Nope, just Easter…

funny but creepy real vintage easter photoKids with horrible rat-like Easter Bunny? And look at those shorts!

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