30 Sexiest Ampersands

My Top 30 Fonts with the Sexiest Ampersands

Gorgeous faceted mirror

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Anamorphic typography will twist your mind | Typography | Creative Bloq

Anamorphic typography will twist your mind

Cool one and true shit ! Typography by Lex Wilson. I thought this was a clever idea that could possibly be used as a table top advertizement

Aufräumen und sich von alten Dingen befreien - Wohnung ausmisten schafft Raum für Neues und tut einfach gut.

Wohnung ausmisten: Mit diesen 10 Schritten sorgst du ENDLICH für mehr Platz!

Narrow vertical window

GREAT windows - This seems like a good idea for a tiny home - to bring in light & a tiny view where you don't want to sacrifice wall space.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1895

Calligraphy would be an good way to get an unique logo. (Hand-lettering and calligraphy gallery featuring "Stay humble & Hustle hard" by Jennet Liaw.